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Omron recently released the Omron HJ-203 and I predict it will soon become the most popular pedometer. For several years, the Omron HJ-112 has been considered the best pedometer.  After seeing the features and benefits of the Omron HJ-203, I have no doubt it will replace the Omron HJ-112.


The best pedometer can be found in two categories:

  • the “Step and Distance Counters” category which are placed in the pocket or worn on the waist band.
  • the “Speed and Distance Monitors (GPS)” category which are worn on the wrist.

Consumer Reports rated pedometers in a study in 2009.  The study was simple since the attributes were Accuracy, Ease of Use, and Features.  Here are the best pedometers in the two categories:

Step and Distance Counters

Pedometer Accuracy Ease of Use Features
Omron HJ-112 Excellent Very Good Good

Speed and Distance Monitors (GPS)

Pedometer Accuracy Ease of Use Features
Garmin Forerunner 205 Excellent Good Excellent lists products in bestselling order.  This list a great research tool since Amazon is the largest online store on the Internet and the bestselling list indicates what Internet purchasers are buying.  Use Amazon to take advantage of all the research previous buyers have done.  Click the picture below to see it in full size.

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